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Trekking from Rumtse to Tso-Moriri

The region of Ladakh in the far north of India has been called a ‘trekker’s paradise’. The name La-dakh itself means ‘land of high passes’, a worthy description of the area with the...

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Oman stopover – the best decision you’ll make all year?

The Sultanate of Oman has been a key trading destination for thousands of years, linking East with West and absorbing influences from both. Until 1970, the country had remained pretty much unchanged for centuries,...

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Kanchanjungha 8586m

It was dangerous – perhaps hopeless. A sea of boiling white cloud swirled upwards, encasing me in tendrils of mist. The summit, glistening in the clear blue sky above seemed to entice me on. I was in a quandary....

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Sikkim Himalaya road to a Rarefied World.

A land of myth and legend Dolpa is dramatic, sparsely populated and inhabited by a people related to Tibet, who still practise the ancient religion of Bonpo which stretches back tens of thousands of years and is...

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Elephant Chase in Babai Valley

Elephants can be dangerous, especially young males looking for a mate. Sita Ram spotted the white musk running down the side of his face, which was definitely not a good sign. Suffering under a testosterone high,...

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First day of School in Bhutan.

who takes you through her journey teaching elementary for a year in the last Tantric Buddhist Kingdom on Earth. Leaving behind her materialistic life in the West to live in a small village deep in the folds of the...

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See Myanmar Now Just in Case the Magic is Highjacked

Myanmar is still the spiritual home of pure Buddhism and, most importantly, the...

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Indra Jatra

The Indra Jatra is a major festival in Nepal celebrated by thousands in a great...

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A Win-Win for Ecotourism and Snow Leopard Conservation in Bhutan

Bhutan’s snow leopard populations have been fairly stable, the situation is...

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Incredible Annapurna Adventure

much more exciting was the style of living and culture of the Thakali women...

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Making Nepal My Home

Paragliding began in Pokhara shortly before the year 2000, and is still the...

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See Myanmar now just in case the magic is hijacked

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Dolpo ©Alex Treadway